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2B Sailing is the European importer and Dutch and Belgium dealer for the C2 Formula 18, the Viper F16 catamarans and other high performance sailing products.

Multiple Olympians and sailing world champions Darren Bundock and Carolijn Brouwer are the forces behind the company.

Bundock and Brouwer, the two B’s, will bring to the venture the dedication, attention to detail and passion that helped them become two of the best and most recognised Olympic sailors in the world.

The long-term goal of the pair is to establish a circuit for the best young sailors in the world complete with professional teams, professional racing, professional coaching and professional media coverage.

Australian Bundock along with Brouwer, who represented both Belgium and The Netherlands in the international arena, will invest their years of experience at the forefront of multihull sailing to make the venture successful.

2B Sailing will provide first class products and after sales service to ensure customers will always be the fastest round the racecourse with top performance products enabling them to achieve their best results and enjoy their sailing to the max.

When you buy a boat you want to get it right. It is vital to our business that your purchase ticks all the boxes. We want to see you reach your personal objectives with more time on the water and less time on the shore.

"These boats are seriously fun, great to sail and quality performers," Bundock said.

"We see the Viper as a problem solver as it is the perfect boat for youth, women or mixed crews and lighter crews with an ideal weight combination of between around 115 to 145 kilos."

"The C2 Formula 18 is just a weapon. It is fast, state-of-the-art and so exciting to sail. It is a boat designed to be a winner on and off the race track."